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All-cotton anti-ultraviolet cloth produced by Yulong Textile in Xinxiang City


Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. adds ultraviolet shielding agent to fibers, yarns and fabrics to significantly improve the protection against ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet shielding rate can generally reach more than 90%, and some even more than 99% .

At present, polyester, wool, hemp, and silk with anti-ultraviolet function have become the preferred raw materials for the downstream textile industry. The application target of anti-ultraviolet fabrics is summer women's clothing with shirts, overcoats and skirts as the main body. Young ladies like these products very much to avoid strong ultraviolet rays to tan their skin, not only clothing, but also sun hats and tall tubes. Socks, etc. are also popular because of the added anti-ultraviolet function. At the same time, anti-ultraviolet fabrics are also used in the production of men's clothing, sportswear and casual wear, which are often worn outdoors. Anti-ultraviolet sportswear and casual wear (including swimwear, tennis mountains, golf wear, ski shirts, T-shirts, etc.) are the market. Another hot spot. UV protection professional clothing is more practical. The tooling required for outdoor work, such as field work clothes, fishery work clothes, agricultural work clothes, etc., need to have strong anti-ultraviolet function, which can make the skin of people working under the scorching sun get Protection. Ultraviolet protective clothing can effectively protect the body from industrial ultraviolet rays. It is widely used in semiconductor, electronics, optoelectronics, pharmaceuticals, food, large-scale welding, disinfection, radiation laboratories and other industries.