On oil field/ petrochemical industry/gas station and fire fighting such working environment, workers stay in flammable and explosive such dangerous working environment longstanding, however the most serious burning is from clothing flaming, during clothing flaming, skin’s burning degree is more serious than directly skin exposed. Normal working clothing cannot be provided FR protection property during fire disaster, while using FR craft protection clothing, it will not have molten drop and burning the body under high temperature, while burning with fire, itm doesn’t generate poisonous gas, to decrease damages from wearing maximum.

FR fabric and protective clothing produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co.,Ltd. adopt international advanced FR craft for producing, our FR fabric have soft feeling, bright color and lower formaldehyde content, non-toxic and harmless such characters, its FR property can reach EN11611/NFPA2112 such EU and US many terms test certified.


Antistatic is one of the main factors of disaster and explosion accidents in coal/chemical industry/petroleum such processing industry, also is one of the accident potential for quality and safety in processing of chemical fiber industry.

With high-tech development, the consequences caused by antistatic hazard have already broken the boundary. Electrostatic discharge caused disturb hazard, will lead to the result of operational failure/signal missing etc. in the filed of electric/communication/aviation/spaceflight and the filed using every modern application electric equipment/instrument

Antistatic fabric and protective clothing produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co.,Ltd. adopt conductive fiber embedded to fabric, to make fabric having permanent antistatic property. And electrical resistivity can be up to 10^6 and pass EN1149 test standard, which can effectively prevent static hazard from each working environment.


The main hazards of electric arc to human body have several aspects as following:

  • Electricity to death, while workers touch electric directly, it may cause electricity to death or serious burns, actually, even if the clothing have FR protective property, it can not prevent workers from the hazard of electricity to death.
  • The serious burns caused from clothing burning, workers are not hurt just by electric arc touching, electric arc generate radiant heat can generate high temperature of 5000℃, and it can hurt human body within 3 meters.
  • Clothing crack caused serious burns, electric arc generate explode or vibration force will rip off everyday wearing clothing, then workers’ body will expose under high temp/ fire and molten metal directly.
  • Synthetic fiber underwear molten drop will cause serious burns, even if on the circumstance of without outer wear, electric arc will generate high temp which will melt the underwear made from synthetic fiber, because of it is cling to skin, however it will cause serious even deadly hurt to wearing.

So evaluating hazard degree to certain working environment, to provide suitable personal protective clothing has became common safety standard requirement in EU and US. Electric arc fabric and protective clothing produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co.,Ltd. can bear 19252 degree centigrade instant high temperature, and when leaving open fire it will die out automatic, so that it can better protect human body from hazard.


With transportation industry at high speed development, vehicle holdings is increasing continuous, workers on highway is increasing, traffic police/ sanitation workers/road administration worker will be easily suffered vehicle hurt during road working or on duty. Meantime on some working place with complicated environment, such as airport parking apron/ construction site/ railway maintenance, the worker will face very serious life threaten. To solve these staffs safety issue needs to be very urgent to solve, recently hi viz clothing have already become their special working protective clothing.

Xinxiang Yulong produced hi viz fabric and protective clothing which have good hi viz property, and those fabrics can pass EN20471 test standard, can protect human body from unconscious warning effectively, otherwise it will cause some accidental hurt.