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All-round protection – the performance and advantages of multi-functional flame retardant fabrics


At present, a single flame retardant fabric can no longer meet the needs of practical applications. Multi-functional flame retardant fabrics have multiple functions, and the various functions do not affect each other. They can all achieve their own functional protection effects and indicators, and are suitable for various complex environments. . Multifunctional fabrics have two or more functional protective fabrics such as flame retardant, anti-static, acid and alkali proof, arc proof, oil proof and waterproof, and mosquito proof.

Flame retardant anti arc fabrics have good mechanical strength and anti-explosion capabilities, and are heat resistant, flame retardant, non-combustible, non-melting and electrically insulating. Flame retardant anti static fabrics are made by mixing conductive fibers in a certain proportion or inlaying conductive threads at certain intervals in the fabric to reduce the accumulation of static electricity on clothing and achieve anti-static effects on the fabric. The flameretardant waterproof and oilproof fabric prevents water droplets from infiltrating the surface of the fabric, making it comfortable to wear in humid environments and keeping you clean and dry. Flame retardant fluorescent fabrics have excellent flame retardant properties, have reflective and luminous effects, are sweat-absorbent, breathable, and soft to the touch. They can be used in warning materials to increase safety.

Multifunctional flame retardant fabric has the characteristics of wear resistance, temperature resistance, washability, high strength, good hand feel, safety, carbonization in case of fire, self-extinguishing when removed from fire, and effective prevention of flame spread. Protective clothing made of it can avoid flame damage. It causes harm to the human body and provides effective safety protection for the human body. It is an ideal fabric for industrial protective clothing. The processing of each function is carried out in different stages, and the processing of each stage does not affect each other, so the functionality can be retained. The specifications and colors of the multifunctional flame-retardant fabrics produced by our company can be customized according to customer requirements. They are soft to the touch and comfortable to wear, and can be widely used in the safety protection fields of various complex types of work.