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Application of fluorescent flame retardant fabric

Fluorescent flame retardant fabric is a fabric used in safety clothing, which is a flame retardant fabric made of fluorescent fabric plus flame retardant treatment. Fluorescent fabrics can be flame retardant, and other functions can be added on this basis, such as oil-proof and waterproof, anti-static, anti-arc, acid-alkali-proof and flame-retardant fabrics.

Fluorescent flame retardant fabrics have the functions of fire prevention, high temperature resistance, and safety warning protection. Flame retardant is not that textiles will not burn when exposed to fire sources, but that fabrics can reduce their flammability as much as possible in fire, slow down the speed of spread, and do not form It burns in a large area, and after leaving the fire source, it can quickly self-extinguish without burning or igniting. At the same time, the fluorescent flame-retardant fabric can reflect the direct light from a distance back to the light-emitting place, and has good retro-reflection optical performance in day or night. Safety clothing made of this high-visibility flame-retardant fabric has a striking reversal regardless of whether the wearer is far away, or in the presence of light or scattered light interference, and even in low-visibility situations with weak light exposure Retroreflective performance can be found relatively easily. Fluorescent flame retardant fabrics are widely used in reflective clothing, rescue clothing, safety clothing, casual clothing, sportswear, personal protective equipment, etc.

The fluorescent flame retardant fabric produced by Yulong Textile not only has excellent flame retardant performance, but also has very good air permeability and is very comfortable to wear. Fluorescent flame retardant fabric has a wide range of applications, its characteristics of sweat absorption, breathability, and soft feel make this fabric very suitable for flame retardant protective clothing and special work clothes in metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, fire protection, forestry, petroleum and other industries. Fluorescent flame retardant fabrics play a lot of roles in the field of protective clothing. The flame retardant protective clothing produced has excellent washing resistance, non-toxic, odorless and non-irritating, and is safe and reliable for the human body. According to the special requirements of users, we can produce multi-functional products such as waterproof, oil-repellent and anti-static to improve the functionality of flame-retardant clothing.

The fabrics we produce are made of high-tech technology, which is skin-friendly and delicate, full of color, washable for more than 100 times, green, safe and environmentally friendly. We focus on the development of various flame-retardant fabrics, and can jointly develop various special specifications fabrics according to the needs of customers. Yulong is committed to providing global consumers with professional quality, stable quality and fashionable safety protection products. Perfect quality inspection, mature technology and stable products are favored by domestic and foreign customers.