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High Strength Permanent Flame Retardant Fabric – Aramid Fabric

aramid fabric

Flame retardant fabrics are mostly post-finishing products, which generally have the disadvantages of low strength and long-lasting flame retardant. Aramid fabric as a relatively high quality product and performs very well in flame-retardant performance. In particular, the high grade flame retardant clothing made of permanent flame retardant aramid fabric is very popular in the market and has achieved good results.

What are the characteristics of aramid fabric; we will have a deep understanding of the specific characteristics and advantages. The first is high strength properties, that is, good mechanical properties. The breaking strength of aramid fabric is higher than that of ordinary polyester, cotton, nylon, etc., with soft hand feel, high color fastness and light weight. Secondly, its high wear resistance and high tear resistance performance is very excellent. The low shrinkage, anti-friction and long service life of the fabric meet the requirements of protective clothing in different fields. In terms of chemical properties, the structure is stable, and the high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance of aramid fabric can prevent personal injury. Excellent flame retardant and high heat-resistant degradation properties make it not continue to burn when it leaves the flame, the size is stable, and it does not fade and deform due to washing, friction and other conditions. At the same time, it also has good thermal stability, in high temperature conditions will not melt, burn and melt drops, non-toxic tasteless, environmental protection and safety. When encountering high temperature fired fabrics, the fabric expands and thickens rapidly, forming a unique heat insulation barrier, enhancing the sealing and does not breaking.

Aramid fabric combines the advantages of ordinary flame retardant fabrics; durability and washability are very important advantages. Aramid fabric has permanent thermal protection, flame retardant and corrosion resistance. The fabric will not damage its excellent performance due to its long use time; the strength of the decline is small. In addition, it has excellent anti-static properties, and the fabric has both breathable and moisture insulation. We can customize the design according to customer's requirements, and make protective clothing with various functions such as anti-arc, oil and water repellent, so as to improve the protective performance and comfort, and more suitable for industrial fire protection.

The aramid fabric produced by our company are certified by environmental protection standards and can be used to produce military clothing, fire-fighting clothing, racing clothing and various industrial special protective clothing. It is used in aerospace, military industry, fire protection, petrochemical, electric power, gas, metallurgy and many other fields, is currently the most high-end choice in the field of flame retardant fabrics. We sincerely provide new and old customers with better services; adhere to the quality win, common development.