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Introduction to sweater clothing

Wool sweater originally refers to knitted sweaters made of wool, which is also the meaning recognized by ordinary people. In fact, wool sweaters have now become synonymous with a class of products, that is, they are used to refer to knitted sweaters or wool knitwear. Wool sweater originally refers to knitted sweaters made of wool, which is also the meaning recognized by ordinary people. In fact, sweaters have now become synonymous with a class of products, that is, they are used to refer to knitted sweaters or wool knitwear. Wool knitwear refers to fabrics woven from animal hair fibers such as wool, cashmere and rabbit hair as the main raw materials, such as rabbit sweaters, snow blue sweaters, sheep sweaters, acrylic sweaters, etc. And so on are big families of sweaters.
Analysis of the development history and fashion trend of wool sweater garments Wool sweater garments are generally called sweater garments, also known as wool knitted garments, which are knitted garments woven with wool yarn or wool-type chemical fiber yarn. Around 1000 BC, hand-knitted woolen knitted garments appeared in the Euphrates and Tigris river basins of West Asia. Machine wool knitted garments appeared in modern times. In 1862, American RIW Lahm invented the double-reverse flat knitting machine, which used sweaters to produce shaped pieces for sewing into garments, marking the beginning of machine knitted wool knitted garments. .
my country has used wool yarn to produce sweaters on flat knitting machines for more than 80 years. Before the liberation, my country's sweater and garment production technology was very backward, the raw materials were mainly imported, and the knitting, garment and dyeing and finishing equipment was very simple. After liberation, especially since the early 1980s, the design, production technology, technology and equipment of sweaters and garments in our country have made significant progress.
Because of the superior comfort performance of wool fabrics, it has been used as a raw material for knitted underwear and shirts in recent years, and its inherent characteristics have been modified. People are optimistic about the excellent wearability of wool fabrics and are committed to the development of new wool fabric finishing processes, such as mechanical washable wool finishing, soft and shiny wool finishing, and cold-color dry and cool wool finishing, which optimizes the performance of wool to meet The need for a variety of clothing.
With the improvement of people's living standards, people need more light, soft, elastic, extensible, drape, breathable, fashionable, and brightly colored clothing. Because these demands are exactly where the superiority of sweaters and garments lie, so sweaters and garments occupy an increasingly important position in the entire clothing field. At present, sweaters and garments are developing in the direction of outer clothing, serialization, fashion, art, high-end, and branding.
Commonly used materials are raw materials for woolen sweater production, such as pure wool, rabbit wool, and cashmere. The raw materials are produced in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and abroad, Australia, Sri Lanka, Argentina and Uruguay. Knitted sweaters are classified according to their selection of raw materials. Knitted sweaters are made of sheep wool, which is a more popular knitted sweater with clear stitches, smooth surface, smooth fat, bright color, full and flexible feel; wool; The shirt is more durable and the price is moderate. Cashmere sweaters are also called Cashmere (English Cashmere) sweaters, which are made from cashmere and are the best in sweaters. It is light and warm, delicate and gorgeous, delicate and smooth to the touch, comfortable and soft to wear; because the cashmere fiber is short, it is easy to pilling, and its durability is not as good as ordinary woolen sweaters. At the same time, cashmere resources are scarce, so cashmere sweaters are expensive. Lamb sweaters are made from underage lamb wool, so they are also called lamb sweaters. They are the mainland products of woolen sweaters. Because the lamb's hair is fine and soft, the lamb sweater is delicate and soft, and the price is moderate.
Shetland sweaters are originally made from Shetland wool native to Shetland Island, England, mixed with hard cavity hair, and have a slightly thorny feel. Sherland sweaters are thick and bulky, naturally rough, and pilling It is not easy to shrink, and the price is low. Nowadays, sweaters with this style are generally called Xuelan sweaters, so Xuelan wool has become synonymous with rough style.
Rabbit sweaters are generally made of a certain proportion of rabbit hair and wool blended fabric. The characteristics of rabbit sweaters are fine fibers, slippery hand feel, fluffy surface, soft color, good fluffy, comfortable and chic, and easy to fall off in the surface. , The warmth is better than wool clothing; if the sweater is made first and then dyed (that is, the process of weaving and then dyeing), it can make the color more pure, gorgeous and unique, especially suitable for making young women's outerwear.
The yak woolen sweater is made of Tibetan plateau yak wool. Its style is slightly inferior to that of cashmere sweaters. It has a smooth and delicate hand and is not easy to pilling. The price is much lower than that of cashmere sweaters. However, the color of yak sweaters is monotonous and suitable for men's clothing.
The mohair sweater is made of goat hair originating in Angela. Its luster is shining, the hand feels smooth and soft, elastic, light and bulky, breathable and non-permeable, comfortable to wear, warm and durable. It is a high-grade product with a price. Higher.