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The Speech Hold by Yulong


The Speech Hold by Yulong

Recently, we have hold a speech competition in our company.

The competitors have done sufficient preparations before this speech, and many colleagues did brilliant PPT for this speech. After leader’s briefly prologue, the speech began. Every competitors was impassioned and their speech contents enjoy popular supports. Many listeners was touched by their splendid speech and even some of them have been filled with tears.

In the daily work, our competitors from supply department who are not very good with words also showed their best performance this time, and we all looked with new eyes.

Through this speech competition, we find that many our colleagues have potential capacities, and we also find more potential of ourselves.

The humanistic philosophy of Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is that our outstanding employees are the most treasures in our enterprise. Through various activities, we find that there are more and more talent outstanding employees in our company. Only when we try to excavate their potential capacities and take advantage of it well, can our company development be more comprehensive.