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The characteristics and functions of flame retardant clothing


flame retardant clothing
flame retardant clothing

Flame retardant clothing is a special type of personal protective clothing for many workplaces. For many professionals, flame retardant clothing is an indispensable tool for the job, and work clothes with flame retardant capabilities are used to protect the safety of workers.

The characteristics of flame retardant clothing are firstly excellent flame-retardant properties. Once the flame retardant clothing is removed from the fire source and heat source, it will automatically extinguish, and the fabric will not continue to burn. Secondly, it has good heat resistance. The function of flame retardant clothing is to protect users from flames and potential heat sources, and to prevent users from suffering severe burns. It also has excellent moisture absorption performance. When the flame retardant clothing touches the skin, the fabric is soft and comfortable, light and breathable, with good water absorption and excellent durability, providing the wearer with extensive protection from potential hazards.

High quality flame retardant clothing produced by Yulong Textile can protect the wearer from burns caused by sudden fire, electric arc and combustible dust, saving many people from serious injury, providing valuable time. At the same time, flame retardant clothing is widely used in many industries, including electric power, petroleum, natural gas, chemical , fire protection, electric welding, metallurgy, rescue and other places.

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