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Workers must keep cold and flame retardant protective clothing

This week, most areas in China ushered in colder weather, and we often see that sanitation workers on the road always stick to their jobs regardless of whether the weather is cold or not, and these are represented by sanitation workers. What's more needed by outdoor workers is to do a good job in protection against cold and warmth. A good-quality cold and flame-retardant protective clothing can bring warmth to these outdoor workers.

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of safety protective clothing. It produces cold-resistant and flame-retardant protective clothing for workers working in cold weather. This cold-resistant and flame-retardant protective clothing is thickened with cotton, cold and warm. The fabric is a flame-retardant cotton fabric, which is especially suitable for wearing in cold weather, and the functionality of the garment itself will not be affected. Cold-proof and flame-retardant protective clothing is suitable for use in fire fighting, forest protection, oilfield drilling, machining, offshore oil and gas fields, oil refineries and other workplaces where arc splash and fire are present. In order to meet the needs of more industries, we can also According to customer requirements, anti-static, fluorescent, oil- and water-repellent, and arc-proof functions should be added to the flame retardant.

As the No. 1 manufacturer of protective clothing, Yulong Textile has always been concerned about the development of its own enterprise and the protective industry. Therefore, in order to provide customers with better service and product quality, we start quality control from the early stage of fabric production until the finished products are delivered to customers. To

Yulong Textile Tips: Equip your staff with a cold-proof and flame-retardant protective clothing, so that the staff can work better.