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Yulong Textile Hold Fire Knowledge Lecture


Yulong Textile Hold Fire Knowledge Lecture

Recently, we invited two professional firemen of Xinxiang firehouse branch to our company teaching us the firefight knowledge.

Working at high-rise office, our learning atmosphere was very active. We kept asking questions during the lecture and found that the knowledge related to Flame retardant fabric is very useful.

The flame retardant fabric is a safety protection fabric which can born slow in fire and self-extinguish when leaving. According to this feature, our sales suggest to use the reduced grade fabric to make rubbish bags, which can achieved the purpose of waste re-use and fire protection at the same time.

We organized a small fire-drill of 45 members after the lecture, including high-rise escape and usage of the fire extinguisher. Using the fire quilt which made by our flame retardant fabric can really extend our escape time.

After the lecture, both guests were surprised and spoke highly of detail that we can apply the flame retardant fabric to fire control.

By learning the fire-control knowledge, we not only learned the fire-control related knowledge, but also had a further understanding of the extension application of flame retardant fabric.

Yulong Textile Hold Fire Knowledge Lecture