3000 Pieces High Visibility Jackets Order Placed by Central Europe Customer

In early August, we received central Europe customer enquiries from high visibility jackets. We found after business managers communicate with customers, the customer is a very experienced in Europe distributor, and they want to buy a total of 3000 a high visibility jacket as a railway workers work clothes.

We Yulong Textile production of high visibility jackets with high visibility twill, such protective jacket has good high visibility, our EN20471 high visibility jacket can be fixed by the EU testing standard, can effectively protect the body from the accident harm that caused by the warning is not obvious. In addition, we also can according to the customer's end use, on the basis of the fluorescence increase the other functions such as waterproof, flame retardant, the staff of the work of different scenarios can be more comprehensive protection.

The dealers after compared the Chinese numerous manufacturers, finally decided to Yulong Textile cooperation with us. Reason besides we have many years of rich production experience, more important is our business managers, professional and attentive service. When our sales manager in this batch of high visibility jacket is as a railway workers work clothes, with our professional attitude to product, we recommend for him the additional high visibility waterproof jacket have waterproof function, so that even in the rainy day, can also be a good protection to the workers' safety.

Yulong Textile we always believe that only the product enough understanding, application scenarios for different product enough to know that will be in communication with the customer to give the right advice, only professional enough, to win customers trust. Based on this, we to the rising number of customers, expanding the scope of our product sales, our company growing!