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The flame retardant fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile can protect the workers from heat and flame, along with the soft hand feel and the best comfort. Yulong mainly produces the fire retardant fabric which is based on the cotton fiber, the cotton fiber Yulong used has the best quality, so the flame resistant fabric has good strength and durability, and also with Yulong’s unique processing. Meanwhile, Yulong also covers the inherently flame resistant fabrics which have flame resistant properties at fiber level and other blended materials flame retardant fabric. Long lasting fire retardant fabric properties after many times washing, good strength and durability helps Yulong becoming one of the leader in flame retardant industry.

Yulong’s flame retardant fabric has been certified according to Oeko-Tex 100 Class 2 and UL. The fabric is free from hazardous substance and skin-friendly.

In addition, the fabric color can be customized. High visibility color is also available. The fire retardant function can also be combined with other additional function.


EN 11611

EN 11612

IEC 61482

EN 1149-3

EN 13034

EN 20471

NFPA 2112

ASTM F1959

Oeko-tex100 class 2

Flame Retardant Fabric

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