What are The Characteristics of Fireproof Workwear?

1, Good fireproof workwear has durability or permanent heat resistance, flame retardant, non-combustion, not because of washing, the use of the number of times to reduce the flame retardant properties.

2, Encountered fire accident,the fire retardant fabric of the internal fiber can automatically expand rapidly in an instant, so that the fabric thickening, compact, not because of its high temperature burning and produce droplets, thus forming a better protective layer of the human body.

3, Fireproof workwear with good performance, the fabric of the unique capillary surface design, can quickly spread the surface of the clothes moisture, to evaporate, heat fast and cool effect, wear comfortable.

4, High-quality fireproof workwear used by the sewing thread, zipper, buttons, pocket cloth, Velcro and other accessories all use flame retardant material.

5, Fireproof workwear with the resistance to washing, wear and a series of physical and chemical properties, so that the wear life is generally cotton fireproof workwear 3-5 times.

Fireproof workwear is the oil exploration, oil smelting, chemical, flammable and explosive gas, flammable and explosive chemical transport, paint, public security fire, power protection, military, aerospace and other industries and flammable, explosive potential dangerous industry Grade fireproof workwear of choice.