What are Common Categories of Fire Retardant Fabrics?

Fire retardant fabric is a flame retardant finishing fabric, the main role of fire retardant fabric is to prevent the spread of the flame, in contact with the flame occurred in the area of arbonation, when the fire is removed, the fire retardant fabric no longer continue to burn. Fire retardant fabric flame retardant properties not only with the type of flame retardant used in production, but also with the composition of the fire retardant fabric type of fiber, the fabric structure and surface conditions and many other factors are closely related

At present, the commonly used fire retardant fabrics are durable fire retardant cloth, in accordance with the national standard, the European standard and American Standard and other standards, qualified flame retardant clothing with flame-retardant fabric wash wash at least 50 times. Usually fire retardant fabric classification is mainly based on: fire retardant fabric material composition, according to the fire retardant fabric production process, according to the functional application of fire retardant fabric, according to the structure of fire retardant fabric, etc., the specific classification is as follows:

According to the materials are: cotton fire retardant fabrics, cotton and fire retardant fabrics, cotton and polyester fire retardant fabrics, aramid fire retardant fabrics, acrylic cotton fire retardant fabrics

According to the production process are: ammonia smoked flame retardant cloth, CP flame retardant cloth, coated flame retardant cloth, disposable flame retardant cloth, fluorescent flame retardant cloth;

According to the functional application are: anti-static fire retardant fabric, oil and water proof fire retardant fabrics, anti-mosquito fire retardant fabrics, anti-UV flame retardant

According to the organizational structure are: flame retardant yarn, flame retardant twill, fire retardant canvas, flame retardant cloth, flame retardant satin, flame retardant yarn, flame retardant denim, etc.