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Why Durable Flame Retardant Fabric will Become The Main Products in The Flame Retardant Market


durable flame retardant fabric

The people who have certain understanding on the fire proof fabric should know that flame retardant fabrics were divided into three categories according to the flame retardant properties: disposable flame retardant fabrics, durable flame retardant fabrics and permanent flame retardant fabrics. Since there are so many types, why do we often hear the flame retardant fabrics are mostly durable flame retardant fabric it, I think through the three kinds of flame-retardant fabrics for a simple understanding, the doubt will be solved.

Let's talk about disposable fire retardant fabrics. Literally, I think everyone should understand that a one-time flame-retardant fabric means that after a wash, the flame retardant effect will be greatly diminished or even disappeared by the flame-retardant fabric, which is relatively inexpensive and therefore used in mattresses , Curtains, cloth and other infrequently washed products above.

The next is to introduce a permanent flame retardant fabric, this fabric refers to the fabric itself has a flame retardant fiber, so the flame retardant effect will not be reduced due to washing times. Common permanent flame retardant fabrics on the market were mostly made of denatured acrylic cotton, aramid, flame retardant viscose and other flame retardant materials. Permanent fire retardant fabric in the rapid carbonation of fire, no droplets, no smoke, and will not produce the phenomenon of secondary combustion, so many advantages also created its expensive worth.

Finally, we will introduce the durable flame retardant fabric, which combines the advantages of the previous two products. Durable flame retardant fabric refers to the fabric itself does not have a flame retardant function, in the production and processing process through the flame retardant technology to deal with it with a flame retardant. Durable flame-retardant fabric with the same permanent fire-retardant fabrics have the same case of fire carbonization, from the characteristics of self-extinguishing fire, can effectively prevent the spread of flame; the only difference between the two is the permanent fire-retardant fabric flame retardant properties will not By the impact of washing, and durable flame retardant fabrics can generally guarantee that in 50--100 times the washing range of flame retardant performance will not increase with the number of washed decreased. Durable Flame Retardant Fabric is priced lower than permanent flame retardant fabric, function better than disposable flame retardant fabric, so more sought after by the people and loved.

After years of development in Xinxiang Textile Co., Ltd., we have now produced a green flame retardant fabric. This fire proof fabric has excellent detergency, and the formaldehyde content of the fabric surface is less than 50PPM, so the flame retardant fabric is non-toxic, tasteless, non-irritating and other characteristics, using flame retardant fabric made of flame retardant workwear not only To ensure the safety of users, its soft, comfortable texture also enhances the user experience when using, which has won more loyal users.