What is The Effect of Flame Retardant Protective Clothing?

Flame retardant insulation protective clothing is important individual protective equipment, also called thermal protective clothing. Flame retardant insulation protective clothing is in contact with the flame and hot object itself was lit, can prevent after flaming and smoldering protective clothing, protection against all kinds of damage.

Flame retardancy is refers to the fabric with special high temperature or fire flame retardant or not; Fabric fire spread can curb the combustion, and once the fire evacuation immediately to go out. In the fire, the most serious burns are often occurred in the part of the clothes is on fire, people so the flame retardant properties of thermal protective clothing are very important.

In the process of the use of flame retardant insulation protective clothing, generally is one side of the fabric to meet fire, fire control work clothing, for example, in the process of firefighters in and out of the fire, to a large extent the lateral direct contact with the flame of the fire service, the inside is seldom contact with flame, which requires the thermal protective fabric have to withstand the performance of the flame burn through from one side to another side, so you also need to consider the fabric of the flame burn through performance.

The fire can make temperature within a few minutes at 600 degrees. Even when not directly in the burning room temperature also has about 300 degree, can melt the plastic hot enough to kill people. Thermal protective clothing is mainly used for high temperature operation, must keep itself at high temperature of the physics performance, not shrink, melting and brittle carbide.