Which Fabrics have Anti Arc Function

Arc flash is the reason why electrical workers touch the accident most likely to hurt. Because the temperature of the serious arc is about 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is four times the temperature of the sun's surface. The surrounding material material is gasified or burned high temperature spray, which if the workers' clothes are lit will cause a large area of the body burns. Anti-arc fabric demand is more and more important, then, which fabrics have anti-arc function? We Xinxiang Yulong Textile production of a series of flame-retardant fabrics have anti-arc function, such as cotton-nylon flame retardant fabrics, acrylic flame retardant fabrics, aramid flame retardant fabrics. Customers can choose according to their own needs for the anti-arc fabric.

Cotton-Nylon fire retardant fabric: Xinxiang Yulong textile production of cotton-flame retardant fabric is the use of cotton fiber and nylon fiber in accordance with a certain percentage of blended. After a special flame retardant process, with high wear resistance, high strength, breathable and breathable, quick-drying and other characteristics, but also has excellent anti-arc damage performance. Products used in fire protection, power industry, electrician fire-retardant protective clothing and steel, welding, exploration, mining, petrochemical, power and other industrial workers protection.

Aramid flame retardant fabric: Aramid flame retardant fabric has a very excellent fire retardant properties, anti-arc performance, thermal protection, wear and tear resistance. With this fabric made of protective clothing fire does not burn, do not melt, do not shrink, do not smoke, especially in the sudden encounter 900-1500 ℃ high temperature, aramid fabric will quickly carbonize and thickening. The fabric is made of fiber flame retardant principle.

Modacrylic cotton flame retardant fabric on the arc has a strong protective function. Meet the standards EN11611, EN11612, IEC61482, NFPA2112, EN1149-3 and so on. Modified Acrylic Fiber Flame Retardant Fabric Features: 1. Outstanding flame retardant performance; 2. Anti-arc; 3. Anti-welding spark; 4. Anti-metal scrap splashing; 5. Anti-acid; 6. Antistatic performance; The comfort and washability; 8. Excellent mechanical and wear resistance.