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Flame-retardant denim fabric produced by Yulong Textile in Xinxiang City


Denim, also known as denim, is a thicker yarn-dyed warp twill. The warp yarn is dark in color, generally indigo blue, and the weft yarn is light in color, generally light gray or white after cooking. yarn. Also known as indigo labor cloth. Beginning in the western United States, it was named after herders used to make clothes. The warp yarn adopts the sizing dyeing combined one-step dyeing process, the special number is 80tex (7 inch), 58tex (10 inch), 36tex (16 inch), etc., the weft yarn has 96tex (6 inch), 58tex (10 inch). ), 48tex (12 English), etc., adopts 3/1 weave, and also adopts denim with varying twill, plain weave or crepe weave. The grey fabric is shrink-proof finishing, the shrinkage rate is smaller than that of ordinary fabrics, the texture is tight, thick, bright color, weaving The pattern is clear. Suitable for men's and women's jeans, denim tops, denim vests, denim skirts, etc.
Raw materials used: The denim used in China is still mainly cotton, and there are also denims produced using flax (FLAX), ramie (Ramie), and polyester (Polyster), but they account for a small proportion. And in recent years, the environmentally friendly product TENCEL, also known as LYOCELL, which has gradually become popular from abroad, is the raw material for denim.
Country of Origin: Western United States
Fabric type: Woven fabric
Organization Specifications: Mainly Twill, but there are also plain weave, chaotic weave, herringbone weave, etc.
[Denim weight] The unit of cloth weight is (grams/square meter, ie g/㎡) The unit of yarn count thickness is (English branch, ie S)
The weight of the light cloth is between 200-340g/㎡ (6-10 ounces/square yard), and the woven length is 12times; 12S or more
The weight of the medium cloth is between 340-450g/㎡ (10-13 ounces/square yard), and the woven length is 10times; 10 S
The weight of heavy cloth is above 450g/㎡, weaving is 6times; 6S