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Focus on Flame Retardant Fabric Production, Yulong Textile Professional


flame retardant fabric

The loss caused by a fire cannot be predicted, so we should realize the importance of flame retardant fabric. Recently a fire broke out on a multi-storey car park in Liverpool, England. It is estimated that there are 1400 cars in the parking lot when the fire happens. The fire was not extinguished until the morning of January 1st. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the fire.

Flame retardant fabric, many people have heard that, as we often said in the industrial furnace, metal heat processing, welding, chemical, petroleum, steel industry used flame retardant protective clothing is made of flame retardant fabric. Flame retardant fabric is a kind of textile fabric with flame retardant effect produced by special process. It has its own characteristics, such as fire non flammable, ignition self extinguishing, no smoke, no poison gas and so on. Although the flame retardant fabric can be ignited, but the flame is not burning as fast as the general fabric. Instead, the flame will go out automatically when it leaves the fire source.

Xinxiang Yulong textile is a professional manufacturer of flame retardant fabrics. The flame retardant fabrics mainly include cotton flame retardant fabric, C/N cotton brocade flame retardant fabric, CVC flame retardant fabric, aramid flame retardant fabric, acrylic fiber flame retardant fabric and so on. This fabric can also increase the effect of fluorescence, antistatic and waterproofing on the basis of flame retardance.

Yulong textile for many years is focused on the production of various functional fabrics and safety protective clothing leading to flame retardant fabrics and fluorescent fabrics. It has a large scale of advanced production system, professional quality inspection and certification system, to create high quality products for customers, because of the focus then more professional.

flame retardant fabric