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Hot Sale Anti-Bacterial Anti-Mosquito Two Piece Coverall

Anti-Bacterial Anti-Mosquito Two Piece Coverall

Summer is the golden season for selling protective clothing,our sales received an order about Anti-bacterial anti-mosquito two piece coverall from South Africa.

This customer is a very experienced buyers,he chosen Yulong Textile after comparing price,service,clothing sample with more than dozen manufacturers in same industry finally. After signing a contract with us, the customer told us that although our price is not the lowest,our service and clothing quality is very worthy of recognition.

Our two piece is not only simple,but also innovative. Guarantee the protection of customer requirements while improving the wearing comfort and beauty of clothing.Our anti-bacterial and anti-mosquito function can meet the international requirements of AATCC30, AATCC100, DIN EN ISO 10993, and the environmental performance of the product can meet the requirements of Oeko-Tex Standards-100.

Our service from sales to the customer is more than just our own related services,and other service which is not related to our products.

Each of our order is not only due to contact between our sales and customers,improve of our sales,high standards of product quality and strict requirements,but also our concept that create value for custormer.

After years of development,Yulong textile has grown into a combination of foreign and domestic trade and a medium-sized industry and trade enterprises which is regarding functional fabrics and clothing as the main products.Our products Increase the number of types and upgrade product quality constantly by our research and technology department and the Ministry of clothing technology’s continuous exploration.We Yulong Textile promise that provide customers with quality products and services.