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How to choose anti-static flame retardant clothing correctly and scientifically


Nowadays, the requirements for safe production are becoming more and more strict, and special work clothes have become one of the essential protective equipment for many production enterprises. Work clothes are commonly used labor protection products when people work. Ordinary work clothes can play a role in wear resistance, cold protection, sweat absorption, dust protection, etc., and for workers in special positions, they must be equipped with corresponding protective clothing.

Anti-static flame retardant clothing is a work clothing with protective function. Its main function is to reduce fire accidents, avoid burns and damage, eliminate static electricity between operators and products to avoid burning and explosion, and effectively protect workers. It is mostly used in chemical industry and fire protection. , oil and other industrial production.

Due to the difference of anti-static and flame-retardant clothing fabrics, there are usually two types. One is made of fabrics treated with flame retardants, such as cotton, polyester-cotton, and cotton-nylon fabrics; the other is essentially flame-retardant fiber textiles. The finished fabric is aramid fabric, which does not add flame retardant, and has a relatively high price due to its superior flame retardant performance. The protection principle of anti-static flame retardant clothing is mainly to use carbonization isolation, heat insulation, reflection and other shielding effects to protect workers from open flames or heat sources.

Aramid anti-static flame retardant clothing fabric is interwoven with intrinsic flame-retardant fibers. Compared with post-finished flame-retardant fabrics, it has durable flame-retardant properties, stronger tearing and breaking strength, and extremely low formaldehyde content. It has the advantages of high wear resistance, good flexibility, low shrinkage, stable chemical structure, no melting droplets when burning, and no poisonous gas. The cloth woven with aramid flame retardant fiber has good dimensional stability and can be used for a long time at a temperature of 250 degrees Celsius, and its thermal shrinkage rate is only 1%. The flame retardant performance of clothing made of the fabric is not affected by the number of times of washing, and the clothing fabric has a durable anti static function.

In addition, the anti-static flame-retardant clothing adopts durable fire-resistant buttons, and there are multiple safe and convenient pockets on the clothing. Excellent flame retardant properties, these materials are extremely flexible, comfortable to wear, and have a wide range of applications, so as to ensure the quality of flame retardant clothing.

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