How to Improve The Effective and Accuracy Rate for the Flame Retardant Fabric Inquiry?

The inquiry about finished flame retardant fabric is more complex than greige inquiry. Flame retardant fabric specification is not enough to get accurate and effective price, because it refers to the dyeing and the after treatment. As for the same one fire retardant fabric, same color and same dyeing factory, but the cost different, why?

The reason is that the requirements are different, the dyeing and the technique are different too, and we cannot see these difference just by eyes, only can knew after used the fabric, for example, the color fastness, different requirements, the cost differs RMB1.8/meter to RMB3.0/meter.

flame retardant fabric factory

To improve the effective and accuracy rate for the flame retardant fabric inquiry, the key is to let you know the specification and the requirement for the fabric, you can get what you need as long as the range is smaller. As for the fire retardant fabric, please kindly see the following important parameters:

1, Flame retardant property: please kindly pay attention to the flame retardant property when buying flame retardant fabric, usually do burning test in the lab flame retardant equipment, which can guarantee the flame retardant property is qualified.

2, Washing times: the washing times of fire retardant fabric is important, it refers to the flame retardant property and the cleaning, the fabric can be washed many times if it has more washing times, and still with flame retardant property, and it can be wore longer time. Now it is divided into disposable washing, washable washing and permanent washing fire retardant fabric, the users can select among different requirements.

3, The fabric strength: the fabric strength is very important, it is an important indicator to determine the strength of the fire retardant fabric, similar to test the bearing strength of rope, the more powerful the better strength.