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Introduction to EU Standards for Fluorescent Reflective Safety Clothing

The European Commission decided on October 1, 2013 that ENISO20471:2013 "High Visibility Clothing-Test Methods and Requirements" will replace EN471:2003+A1:2007 "Special High Visibility Warning Clothing-Test Methods and Requirements" as EU safety reflectors The new harmonized standard of service. This means that from October 1, 2013, all EEC verification certificates for safety reflective clothing tested in accordance with EN471 will be invalid; all safety reflective clothing should meet the requirements of EN ISO 20471:2013 before being placed on the EU market. According to requirements, the new version of EN ISO 20471:2013 reflective clothing standard is the same as the old version. The main differences of EN471:2003+A1:2007 standard mainly include the following seven aspects: 1. After the cleaning cycle, the color and brightness requirements should be met;   2. The dyeing requirements for color fastness to perspiration have been changed from the original level 3 to a lower level to 4;   3. The tensile strength requirement of the braided material is changed to a lower 100N; 4. The rupture strength requirements of knitted fabrics are changed to at least 100 kPa (50 square centimeters of test area) and a lower 200 kPa (7.3 square centimeters of test area); 5. For the physical performance test of single-layer or multi-layer clothing, the air permeability index (RET) cannot be greater than 5 square meters per watt. 6. The performance levels of reflective materials are not distinguished, and the requirements are the same as level 2 of EN 471;