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Who Should be Responsible for the Safety of Factory?


Who Should be Responsible for the Safety of Factory

Liuyang is known as China's "the town of fireworks", meanwhile there are also a lot of firework factories in Fuli of Hunan. At 22 o’clock in the evening of June 26 of 2016, the Kefu firework factory in the Fuli town of Liling city exploded, from the video we can saw that the explosion happened twice, the fire lit up the sky, even spring up the mushroom cloud in the midair. It’s reported that the explosion caused no casualties, but caused more shock, and even the window and door glasses of household shattered. Such news is not strange for us, just because people’s careless omissions lead to the tragedy, most of them can be avoided.

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd is Specialized in textile fabric, so there are a lot of raw materials stocked in our warehouse and plant, they are all easy to flame. So in the warehouse and plant equipped with fire protect facilities, our security personnel on duty must check the trouble hidden places many times of everyday, In order to protect the safety of workers in the production plant, the workwear distributed to each workers are all the flame retardant and antistatic safety clothing produced by ourself.

Each accidents told us that it’s the most important that we must do fire protect job in advance and dispose high quality flame retardant products, avoid occurring the tragedy.