South Africa Customer Orders Fluorescent Flame Retardant Anti-Static Clothing

Africa is a rich and historic continent. Many agricultural and mineral products in the region occupy an important position in the world, and crude oil is also very rich.

Recently, a South African oil extraction customer consulted our business people, the oil industry which garment should be the most appropriate, our business people decisively introduced our fluorescent flame retardant anti-static clothing, after a detailed understanding of the South African customers fluorescent flame retardant anti-static clothing list. The clothing shoulder and back with fluorescent yellow high visibility fabric, the rest of the cotton flame retardant anti-static fabric, fluorescent flame retardant anti-static clothing is mainly the function of flame retardant, anti-static, anti-arc, and some warning The utility model is mainly applied to the complicated workplaces with arc splashes and fire hazards and sensitive to static electricity in mines, electric power, oil fields, natural gas fields, oil refineries and chemical industries, or dangerous places in explosion.

In the process of oil exploration, there are many difficult problems. First, the oil itself is volatile and self-igniting, posing a threat to workers once they are mishandled. Secondly, because of the dry weather in winter, it is easy to produce static electricity. Electrostatic contact with petroleum can cause fire. Yulong textile production of fluorescent flame retardant anti-static clothing just can solve this problem, the fluorescence part just played a warning role.

Over the years, Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. focused on the production of flame-retardant, fluorescent-led fabrics and various safety-oriented protective clothing, special escort for the safety of staff.