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What factors need to be considered in custom workwear


Different industries and occupations have different work clothes for different nature of work. When a company customizes work clothes, it recommends customers according to the type of work environment and some special requirements. Custom workwear generally provide high-quality and thoughtful services in terms of style, fabric, accessories, quality, etc. Introduce to you the precautions of custom workwear.

First of all, the clothing style is designed and customized according to the working environment, which not only highlights the strength of the enterprise brand, but also has novel and fashionable styles. Style and color are considered at the same time, some need to be split, some need to be connected or other special requirements. The color of the clothing should be in line with the corporate culture and style. On this basis, the color and style of the work clothes should be determined with reference to the nature of the work. For industries with more oil pollution, try to choose dark colors to resist dirt, and industries with high cleanliness try to choose light colors to show cleanliness. In addition, when choosing a style, we must pay attention to whether it is loose and adjustable, whether there is a margin on the back, whether the hem of the clothes, and whether the waistband of the overalls is adjustable, these are all very important.

Secondly, there are many kinds of fabrics for customized clothing, which can be selected according to the characteristics of the job and the needs of use. For example, whether the fabrics of work clothes in autumn and winter are thick enough and wear-resistant; whether the fabrics of work clothes in spring and summer are sufficiently breathable and moisture-wicking; whether the fabrics will pilling and fade, and are easy to keep clean and tidy. Clothing custom fabrics tend to be environmentally friendly and natural, relaxed and comfortable, and close to the natural color of life, which is more and more in line with the style of work clothes, especially the elastic, soft and easy-to-move fabrics.

There are also accessories for clothing, such as zippers, buttons, elastics, reflective tapes, etc. Some positions cannot use metal zippers, but buttons or plastic zippers can be used instead. The sewing process of the clothing, the thread is neat, and there should not be too many threads that affect the appearance, and the logo of the clothing can be customized. In addition, for the functionality and practicability of workwear, choose the appropriate fabric protection according to the characteristics of the working environment, washing resistance, flame retardant, anti-static, anti-arc, anti-oil and water-repellent, anti-acid and alkali and so on.

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