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Workwear coats casual jacket

The workwear style originated from the work clothes of blue-collar workers during the industrial development period. Durable and practical fabrics have become the favorite of all workers, and the design of the pockets is also created for the tools required for work, and the comfortable and loose tailoring has also become workwear. indispensable element. The workwear style has become a new style of clothing, and the concept of tooling design has gradually become an essential element for men to wear, low-key and casual.

The appropriate loose version of the work jacket is clean and neat, which can better express the unconstrained state of the work style. Yulong clothing selects high-quality fabrics, the surface has a slight waterproof function, dry and breathable, soft and skin-friendly, stiff fabrics, full of elasticity, comfortable and stylish to wear and take off. The classic and handsome workwear jacket has a simple design, a neat style, a classic neckline, multi-functional pockets, convenient and practical, Velcro windproof cuffs, easy to adjust the tightness, and the placket is designed with a combination of snap buttons and zippers for a more sense of security. In addition, the jacket is available in a variety of colors and styles, and can be customized with embroidered logos of the brand, which is elegant and stylish.

Simple style workwear jacket, simple style, neat tailoring, wear-resistant fabric, multi-pocket design, light to wear, looks very neat and textured, can be worn for commuting and leisure. The workwear style is characterized by simple and versatile clothing colors, loose silhouettes, and overlapping styles. These features highlight the toughness and handsomeness of the tooling style.

Workwear style is not only a clothing style, but also a fashion attitude. The fashion trend is the workwear element. The designer will extract the popular elements in the workwear and integrate it into the product, such as the large tooling pocket, which retains the original workwear elements, which can create a sense of hierarchy in the overall shape, which will appear rich and attractive. sense of power. The combination of workwear style and loose design makes the serious and tough workwear in the past a fashionable casual feeling, which is still loved by many people.