3.15 Development by The Quality - YULONG SAFETY

3.15 Development by The Quality


Yulong Textile Development by The Quality

Since 1983, the international consumer’s union organization to determine the annual March 15 is "international consumer rights day", in order to better protect consumer rights and interests in the international scope. With the increase in the number of all kinds of goods manufacturers and distributors, all kinds of product quality is uneven. Some undesirable businessman will be shoddy, or even at the price of harm the health of consumers to earn interest. Although countries have related quality inspection department, but always have cracks.

Quality problems in the field of security protection, if the product is directly concerns the personal safety of users, a carelessly will lead directly to the user's injured or even killed. For the industry, the quality is more than days.

Xinxiang Yulong Textile since it was founded in 2002, has always been to "to the enterprise for excellent quality, with high quality service to the heart of god" as the values of the enterprise. Years of development, we have slowly but surely, one step at a time. Each new product is checked step by step and layer upon layer test from research to final sales to market success. We are associated with our products for the global various detection institutions and detection standard by heart, as long as the flow to the products on the market, must through the relevant testing standards. It is not only for our products has a good sales, but also to a greater extent to ensure the safety of users, which will promote the sound development of the company.

Only put product quality as the most important consideration, will continue to win more customers trust, and also will guarantee enterprise forward.