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Spring Flowers Floating in The Garden, Yulong Environmental Protection is On The Way


Yulong Environmental Protection is On The Way

It is a season of bloom again, since 5 years ago, we planted lots of fruit trees in the spare place of dyeing factory, all kinds of flowers are smelled at this season of the year. We planted many peach trees around the workshop, apricot trees beside the dormitory, and we planted many willows around the sewage disposal system. We also planted a lot of winter jasmine in small areas of spare place.

Every year after the winter, the spring flowers will be bloomed first, a bunch of yellow color flowers are very eye-catching, then the willow began to sprout, from the initial green to the present leaf shape, every day the workers watch it grow. With the rapid coming of spring, apricot blossom and peach blossom are blooming, white, pink, and red color flowers are bloomed full of trees. This time always be the most beautiful season in the factory. Our workers also take pictures in groups in the idle time while the flowers blooming, little light relief are brought into the dull working time.

In recent years, due to air quality is becoming worse and worse, the community attention on environmental protection is also rising, and our textile industry is even more so. Our leaders always emphasize that we not only produce safe green environmental protection products, but also let our workers work in green environment, not only protect our client’s safety but also protect our workers body safety. Plants and Trees are not only looks beautiful and pleasant, but also hep to protect the factory air.

"Green office, low-carbon life" is not only our oral initiative, but also have to specifically built into everyone's actual action!