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Explanation of Four Functions of Flame Retardant Fabric

flame retardant fabric

What you should know before you sign a contract with manufacturer of flame retardant fabric? What terms you should pay attention to during the purchasing? Although the above problems involves many aspects, before you sign a contract, we should only pay attention to the following three terms, then you can avoid many risks and obtain better protection.

  1. Guarantee

In the aspect of quality guarantee of product, the manufacturer of flame retardant fabric often provides specific guarantee terms. If there are any defects of manufacturer, the good manufacturer will handle your problems at the first time, meanwhile the manufacturer will help you to do the inspection carried out by the third party, and you will be provided with the inspection report. In general condition, the products of good manufacturer will be inspected step by step, the performance of product is the key to measure the quality of the manufacturer.

  1. Exclusiveness of contract

Exclusive agreement is a agreement signed by the companies to keep their transaction relationship. The most important feature of such agreements is the accurate time range. Generally, the exclusive agreement stipulate the involved company will not carry out the business of the same product with other companies within the specified time range. More specifically, the purchaser of the flame retardant clothing will buy the products only from one specified seller. Exclusive agreement is very important to the company, even if the product or the service can not meet your expectation, the supplier will firmly cooperate with the company to continuously upgrade and improve the product.

  1. Rise in price

Automatically rise in price generally relates to the transparency of contract. What costs is hidden in the contract? What costs can not be covered up or be budgeted? In order to avoid the happening of such conditions, the notice of rise in price should be clear and easily understood.  The price protection is the necessary term of agreement between the buyer and the seller to determine the price of the goods during the contract period or other specified period.

Finally, as a manufacturer of flame retardant fabric which wants to provide your employees with the best safety service, under the combination of service and cost, the long term communication is the most important. The use of the product is all for the safety of the wearer, and improving the working performance. Good manufacturer of flame retardant fabric will develop the products for the company aperiodically, and provide the maintenance knowledge of product by sending email, thus shorting the run-in period between the employees and products, helping the company fast know the characteristics of the products.