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Autumn And Winter Must-Have Multi-Pocket Cargo Pants

Multi-Pocket Cargo Pants

As the temperature continues to drop, some wide pants legs are attached with large pockets, which appear more and more frequently. They are very comfortable to wear. In addition, with the impact of the retro style, cargo pants came into a wave of popularity. No one has ever thought that the cargo pants of the former workers will now become the darling of the fashion industry. In particular, multi-pocket cargo pants are favored by modern people. With the characteristics of loose and avant-garde, they are suitable for various occasions and seasons, and sophisticated sense of craftsmanship, which is a good choice for people to wear and match in daily life.

The cargo pants are a multi-pocket slacks that was the signature work pants of workers more than a hundred years ago. In the 1980s, it faded out of people's sight for a while. As time goes by, this style has gradually become popular, From the layout to the cutting to the logo design, the detailed processing has more diversified changes than before, and the activities are convenient and unrestricted.

Our leisure multi-pocket cargo pants designed by Yulong Textile are made of selected high-quality cotton material, and wash-resistant durability has higher quality. The fabric is easy to wash, dry, breathable and environmental friendly. The pants fabric has a good effect of absorption of moisture absorption and drainage to maintain a lasting dry. In addition, customized design, exquisite workmanship, three-dimensional cutting, advanced sewing process, exquisite stitching, more comfortable fit. We produce simple style cargo pants; slim effect is obvious, casual with a variety of tops.

We place special emphasis on multi-pocket design, with particular attention to detail. One of the oblique pockets, in line with the ergonomic design, large capacity depth strong, the double models are pressed and the lines are straight and smooth. The back pocket has a three-dimensional design, and the large pocket increases capacity, and the button closure is more secure. The thigh pockets are tilted back in depth to accentuate the leg curves. In addition, the durable zipper, delicate buttons, simple waistline and hem design in these places to highlight the craftsmanship.

This multi-pocket cargo pants is simple and stylish, and fits in an unobtrusive style. The version of the pants is comfortable and not tight, whether it is worn alone or covered with other pants, to ensure that can be worn, suitable for outdoor activities. The side pockets are convenient for large capacity and can be used to put down your belongings. Personality pocket design of leg, can place mobile phone or other items, beautiful, practical and safe. Loose shape, very comfortable fit; it is easy to cover the imperfect parts of the legs. The straight three-dimensional multi-pocket looks fashionable and clean.