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After The Cotton Fabric is Treated, is The Flame Retardant Effect Good?

flame retardant cotton fabric

There are many kinds of flame retardant fabrics, some customers will consult the cotton fabric after flame retardant treatment, the effect is good or not, but also consult the flame retardant cotton fabric is durable or not.

The production process of flame retardant cotton fabric and the use of flame retardant are roughly divided into two categories: fire-retardant treatment of fiber and flame retardant finishing of fabric.

Flame retardant fiber is in itself is adding flame retardant cotton silk combustible, free radicals produced in the combustion process to suppress it, or change the fiber thermal decomposition process, promote dehydration carbonization, plays the role of isolated air.

Flame retardant finishing of fabrics refers to the thermal reaction of flame retardants at high temperature, which reduces the temperature and prevents the combustion spread. After combustion, the heat is transmitted rapidly, causing the cellulose to reach the temperature of ignition and combustion.

Flame retardant finishing agents can be classified into three categories according to their durability:

1. non durable flame retardant finishing agent: temporary flame retardant finishing agent, after washing will soon have no flame retardant properties, the method is simple, low price, suitable for the use of fabrics will not wash.

2. semi durable flame retardant finishing agent: the flame retardant finishing fabric can withstand 1-10 times mild washing. But it is not resistant to high temperature soaping.

3. durable flame retardant finishing agent: it is also the most commonly used finishing method of flame retardant fabric, and the general washable times can reach more than 30 times.

Cotton flame retardant fabric Xinxiang Yulong textile production is the durability of the flame retardant agent, the cotton flame retardant fabric washing frequency can reach more than 50 times, in the process of using environmentally friendly flame retardant CP flame retardant used for finishing, cotton flame retardant fabric production can reach Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standards of environmental protection.