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How to Choose Cargo Pants?


Cargo pants were a fashion trend more than 100 years ago, and over time, they have gained a large number of fans in various industries and fields. Traditional cargo pants is a kind of khaki pants, often made of tough, wear-resistant fabrics, now made of fast-drying synthetic materials or synthetic cotton. Although there is no completely fixed design, in order to facilitate outdoor activities, the version of cargo pants is looser than formal pants, there is appropriate stretching space in the knee and hips, which is reinforced by double folding seam. Cargo pants has longer and larger belt loops to match their wide military-style inner belts.

The large square pockets are a sure sign of cargo pants, if the pants without such pockets, it can not be called as cargo pants. The lidded, three-dimensional organ bag, which is sewn around the side of the thigh near the knee and has clasps or buttons, was originally designed to make it easy for soldiers to carry around goods. One pocket per leg is a common pattern, but there is no fixed number of pockets, it is said that the cargo pants with the most pockets has 78 pockets.

There are four key points to choose cargo pants:

The first is length, the bottom of hem should be 1-0.5cm above the ground; the second is that the waist size should be appropriate, which can not be too big or too small, the mid-waist pants is good; The third is the hem, which should be constricted from top to bottom, don’t choose bell-bottom pants (unless you want to perform on stage); The fourth is to try it on when you buy it, to see if the crotch fits, it can not be tight or loose, it looks natural if it fits. Do not choose inferior fabrics, the fabric is commonly pure cotton or cotton and linen, when you buy the pants, touch it with your hand, it is ok if it feels comfortable; Of course, the hardness and thickness of the pants should be moderate (so that such pants can be worn all year round), and the trademark should be checked to see whether the pants is wash-and-wear, because although the cargo pants do not need to be as straight as suit pants, once it is pleated, the appearance will be badly affected. Look at the seams between the zipper and the pants, if the seam is messy, the quality of the pants can not be good. Some designers like to do something with the waistband, such as using some fabrics with bright colors or striped fabrics, so the pants look upscale.

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