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Design of Cargo Pants


 Cargo pants have been a classic since they appeared in fashion in the 1990s. In terms of formality, cargo pants are between jeans and khaki pants. Men’s cargo pants have more color than jeans. On the other hand, it’s not sultry like the twill cotton fabric and better for the casual wear.

The difference between men's cargo pants and casual pants, khakis, or chinos:

Large belt loops can accommodate wider belts, like the belts which are made by sturdy leather or canvas.

Unlike the standard flat pockets, the wide tool pockets can contain large items. The pocket have covers to ensure the safety of the inside goods. Originally, the pockets cover are closed by buttons or four-eyed buckle. But now, it’s closed by Velcro or zippers. Generally, there will be a pocket on the side of each cargo pants legs, sometimes will have different styles. Wherever you are, never fill up you pockets unless necessary. The bully pockets will breakdown your image. It's also not necessary to carry around personal electronics and other masculine objects on the business trips.

The reinforced knee areas and knee pockets can provide additional protection for people and the pants. The reinforced knee areas is made by another extra layer fabric, mainly to prevent the pants form tearing. You can add kneecap in it. This design is a ideal choice for the workers who often kneel or are at risk of falling.

The trouser legs drawstring is essential for cargo pants, itcan preventing dust, sand and insects from entering the leg. That’s why the cargo pants become the ideal choice for outdoor  adventure. Many of the design of men’s cargo pants don’t have drawstring, but this feature is a hallmark of high-quantity. The drawstring are beyond its usefulness, adding a different style to create a different leg shape. Please put the hanging cords into your pants so they're not visible.

The tear resistant lines are easy to indentify. Rib weave method makes this specially designed fabric can not tear. If you are a hunter or hiker, a pair of pants made by regular twill or other normal pattern is also an option.