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How to Choose Flame Retardant Fabric Supplier?


At present, with the improvement of safety awareness of people, the need of protecting people from the harm of fire in the daily life and work is promoted accordingly, so the flame retardant fabric is emerged at such condition. Nowadays, there are a lot of sellers who advertise their products have the flame retardant function, but how to indentify the selected flame-retardant fabric supplier is of high quality?

First of all, high quality flame retardant fabric supplier must have the following characteristics:


Whether the quality of flame retardant fabric is of high quality is the most basic index to judge whether the supplier is qualified, only the supplier with complete quality control system can continuously supply the flame retardant fabric with stable quality. Generally speaking, qualified flame retardant fabric suppliers will check the products for inspection every time they produce large quantities, only the fabrics that meet the relevant requirements will finally be handed over to the customer.


The price of flame-retardant fabrics is not only related to the composition, specification, quantity and other hard indexes of flame retardant fabrics, but also related to the quality of flame retardant fabrics required by customers. Certainly, only the high quality supplier can satisfy various needs of customers, and produce the flame retardant fabric with higher quality, so the price of flame retardant fabrics will be higher accordingly. When evaluating the supply price of flame retardant fabric suppliers, the average price should be calculated according to the highest and lowest prices of similar flame retardant fabrics in the market, and analysis the cost of the flame retardant fabric to be ordered.

3.Delivery time

The delivery time can show the timely delivery capacity of supplier, which is mainly to evaluated whether the supplier has sufficient production capacity, whether the human resources are sufficient and whether there is potential to expand the capacity. Garment manufacturers should carefully choose suppliers to see whether its on-time delivery rate is low, because late delivery will affect the smooth progress of enterprise production, or even cause the stopping of work to wait the materials, the goods cannot be delivered on time.


Service refers to the quality and level of the supplier’s pre-sale and after-sale service. The service quality of flame retardant fabric suppliers is mainly reflected in the timeliness and effectiveness of communication with customers. They need to provide timely feedback on production progress and product quality, ant timely respond to customers’ needs, so as to better meet customer needs and solve various problems from the perspective of customers.

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. has many years export experiences of flame retardant fabrics, the flame retardant fabric produced by us can satisfy the quality needs of customers, the fabrics reach EN11611, EN11612, NFPA2112 and other European and American inspection standards; Our price will be accurately checked according to the specific fabric requirements of customers, and we will give customers the most favorable price without affecting the quality of products; After determining the production quantity, we will give the customer an accurate delivery time to ensure that the normal use of the customer is not affected. Our sales has many years sales experiences related to the flame retardant fabric, and acquainted with the specifications and characteristics of various flame retardant fabric, so they can provide the customers with more complete service.

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