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How to Choose High Quality Work Clothing


When you work in the server environment, you must tend to choose tools and work clothing that can stand up to the harsh environment and test of time. Once you find the proper tools and work clothing, you always want to use it and wear it for a long time.

What is important for choosing high quality work clothing? First is the work clothing should be durable and abrasion resistance, second is it designed for freedom of movement, third is it possesses the performances which can resist the server environment, forth is it should meet the standard of Personal Protection Equipment. So, let’s discuss these four aspects separately.

Durability is probably the most important reason workers choose their work clothing. Durability really covers many factors, such as: industrial stitching: double-needle stitching throughout the clothing and strategically placed bar tacks to reduce seam blowouts and strengthen high wear and tear areas for longer use. Build in gusset or Bi-wing shoulders: building a gusset in the crotch of work pants such as a work pant allow the wearer an increased range of motion and reduce stress on the seams that most commonly blow out.   A “Bi-Wing” shoulder  prevents a jacket, or shirt from binding up and stressing the shoulder seams when extending the arms forward or moving. Heavy canvas: heavy canvas seems to perform the best on job sites and that is due to their incredible durability and comfort. Zippers: zippers matter, and should be 100% reliable. The problem is that there are still tons of faulty zippers out there. Teeth can break, pulls tabs pop off, zippers can misalign, and ultimately irreparable lockups. Abrasion refers to the wearing away of any part of a material when rubbed against another surface. When surface abrasion happens to a clothing, its protective properties are compromised. Look for clothing that is rated for abrasion.

The work clothing should possess free-moving design, durable and functional should be your goal. The ability to perform your work, move freely and unrestricted while still offering you comfort and protection is the goal.

When trying to determine how to choose quality work clothing you need to consider the environment you work in and take into account high performance fabrics.   High performance protects you from the server environment and some factors to consider are: rain protection, insulation, wind blocking, fast drying, UV protection, odor inhibiting, reflective items.

Choosing high quality work clothing also means meeting safety standards or personal comfort/safety features. Clothing worn in high-risk occupations, should meet PPE. Such as flame resistance, in many dangerous jobs, flame resistance (FR) in clothing is of the utmost importance. For FR clothing to be durable, the garment must be inherently flame resistant. Reflective clothing: most often, high-visibility clothing is worn to alert drivers and other vehicle operators of a worker’s presence, especially in low light and dark conditions.

 Work clothing produced by Yulong have superior quality, and characteristics of soft hand feeling, rich color, the washing times exceed the requirements of the Europe and the United States standard. The clothing can reach EN11611, EN11612, EN61482, EN 20471, EN1149 test standards. Welcome customers to choose and buy!