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Choose Yulong, Choose Safety


Choose Yulong, Choose Safety

Choosing Yulong textile is choosing safety, because we have the following advantages:

1. Xinxiang Yulong Textile is a one-stop supplier to provide the fabric and garment so that we can serve our costumer more conveniently. Our advantages are:

a. Save the finished products

b. Reduce the wastage

c. Short the delivery period

d. Strictly monitor

e. Reduce the final price


Yulong Textile Garment Factory

2. We have professional test center and complete test procedure, and gathered piles of research and development talents to guarantee our mature manufacturing technique. What is more, we are developing our test machines nowadays. We have Martindale Pilling Tester, only 2 functional textile companies own it in Xinxiang. All that is for test the sampling from different production chain. We believe that the practical test data can witness our products quality, because we need to be responsible for all the products from our factory.

3. We have complete quality control system. In the productive process of functional fabric, from checking greige to color fastness, final function and full inspection, we control it in every step to guarantee the lowest defective percentage. In the productive process of functional garment, from checking fabric to spot check, the final garment full inspection and AQL2.5 finished products inspection, we need to guarantee 100% qualified for every products.


Yulong Texitle's Laboratory

4. We keep on researching and developing new products. In the development of company, we have researched many kind of new product categories. From the FR, High vis, to FR fabric/garment, aiamid fabric/garment, fluorescent fabric/garment, anti static fabric/garment, three-proof Teflon fabric/garment, acid&alkali proof fabric/garment, water&oil proof fabric/garment, anti UV fabric/garment, anti-microbial fabric/garment and multi-functional fabric/garment such as FR&anti static fabric/garment, water proof& fluorescent fabric/garment. And we are increasing the specifications and styles to those functional fabric and garments.

5. We can customize according to clients’ requirements. Due to the different products have different applications and requirements, our functional fabric and protective garment can completely customize according to clients’ requirements. Including the yarn count, density, weight, color and protective function and style. At present, many famous world-known workwear brands have cooperated with us and accepted our customization services.

6. We have 5-star service team. Our sales team keep on learning and studying, except the professional knowledge, we can provide 7*24 hours quickly service so that you can contact with us anytime.

All in all, if you choose Yulong Textile, you will get a satisfied safety protective products.