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Yulong Helps You in Choosing Suitable Protective Fabric


protective fabric from Yulong Textile

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd has more than 10 years experience in the protective fabric, and Yulong knows functional fabrics industry very much.Different functions of protective fabrics have different use condition,and the using environment is also different according to different specifications of the fabric.

Through our years of sales experience, we found that some customers do not know too much about their own procurement of protective fabrics,except the final scene of products they need; some customers do not know too much about the differences of different materials for the same function.We Yu Long textile sales staff will give a detailed explanation to all these problems , and ultimately help customers choose to buy products they want best.

Protective fabric made by Yulong textile are mainly used for protective workwear to protect human security better.And some customers will also consult us about other products,most of them are inquiry for the fire-retardant tents, fire-retardant sofa, curtains and other related issues, and we also continue to learn more knowledge to answer customer questions as much as possible.

For example,FR fabric are used for workwear,pajamas,home decoration(including carpets, curtains, bedding, etc.), home cloth,industrial machine cover cloth,military tents, and other aspects, and different uses of flame retardant fabrics need to meet different standards, the production of technical indicators are not exactly the same. Some customers do not know what they need to achieve flame retardant protective fabric specific technical indicators, and our sales will learn more about their end-use will give the most reasonable advice. The customer are satisfied with our sales.

Only when we know our own products and related categories of other products well, we have the confidence to make a more detailed answer to customers in order to select for customers more suitable products.