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Choose Yulong Choose Security


Choose Yulong Choose Security

It says that a 17years old girl bought hot sale Korean instant noodles which is called hottest noodles in the world.She was trying to taste something different,she had inflame lips and all pins and needles after a bite.

Recently,a girl from hanyang bought some mask from Wechat shops.She had an inflame face after use.She even need to consider about abortion because of Excessive amounts of lead in her blood.

Production from Xinxiang Yulong Textile has been guided by the concept of green, raw materials on the human body is non-toxic and harmless,tested by BTTG,SGS,ARCWEAR,KINECTRICS,BV,ITS and other authorities,reaching EN11611、EN11612、EN61482、EN20471、EN1149 GOST,DIN,NFPA2112、NFPA70E、ASTM D 1506 、ANSI107 and other standards of countries.Therefor,we must take care of choosing productions.