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Yulong Textile Grew up in Criticism


Yulong Textile Grew up in Criticism

At the beginning of new year, Xinxiang Yulong Textile organized all the staff to start a spectacular criticism and self-criticism conference after the Spring Festival holiday.

Employees actively discussed about what they learnt in the past 2016 years. Employees are reminiscent of the problems that have been experienced over the past year and have deepened their impressions so as to avoid similar problems.When employees are talking,other employees were listening carefully and learning from others. After every employee finished, the leader summarized the employee's questions and help with employee to grow up to make less mistakes in work. And one of our new rules is that everyone will record their own mistakes in order to view and deepen the impression at any time.

Everyone is constantly making progress in mistakes, only to recognize the mistakes and positive face and correct it,so people can accumulate lessons to have a wealth of experience in the future.