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Cleaning and maintenance of ski clothing


Ski suits can be added with a neutral detergent and soaked in 30 degrees warm water, then lightly brush the dirty area with a soft brush, put in a drum washing machine, washed at low speed and then rinsed with warm water three or four times, drain the water gently, and dry in a ventilated place
To avoid pilling on the surface of the clothes, wash the front and back sides of the clothes and close all the buckles to prevent the thorny surface of the buckles from scratching the surface of the fabric.
The outer layer of the ski suit is made of highly waterproof, breathable, windproof, wear-resistant and tear-resistant fabrics with strong texture; the inner layer of warm material usually uses silk cotton or DuPont cotton with better warmth, which comprehensively improves the warmth and breathability of the ski suit Sweat wicking capacity, so as to provide skiers with a good warmth when riding the ropeway.
Functional fabrics should be soaked and cleaned with a special lotion, which is still rare in the domestic market;
In washing and storage, you should also pay attention: try to be clean, dry, and prevent insects and mildew. Clothes storage cabinets should be clean, dry and sealed. Clothes should not be squeezed and stored for a long time.
Clothes exposed to sunlight should be adequate and avoid long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun.
The way to restore the water-repellent effect is to iron it with a medium-temperature steam iron after washing and drying.