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In and out Yulong Textile makes efforts to Zhengzhou Fair


On October 16, the 26th Zhengzhou National Commodity Fair officially kicked off at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. At the Zhengzhou Fair, nearly a thousand exhibitors gathered to participate. The five major exhibition areas, including the Yellow River Basin Province and City Commodity Exhibition Area, Tea Industry Exhibition Area, Supermarket Private Brand Products Exhibition Area, Human Settlement Culture and Real Estate Exhibition Area, Education Services and Supplies Exhibition Area, are dazzling with a wide range of products, which also bring us something we can’t enjoy in the ordinary day. Annual promotions.
The Henan Clothing and Apparel Export-to-Domestic Product Fair held during the Zhengzhou Trade Fair is one of the series of activities. It is hosted by the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce and undertaken by the Henan Expo Bureau and the Henan Clothing Industry Association. It lasts for 4 days and mainly covers men's and women's clothing. , Shoes and hats, home textiles, latex products, toys, horse gear and other exhibits. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is also on the invitation list.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. was established for more than 19 years, focusing on the production of various functional fabrics and functional safety protective clothing dominated by flame retardant fabrics and fluorescent fabrics. It is exported to more than 100 countries at home and abroad. Has a small reputation. The battle is changing, and the global industrial chain supply chain is blocked due to the impact of the epidemic, and uncertain and unstable factors have increased significantly. In this exhibition, Yulong Textile is based on the local market, enters the fair and focuses on the domestic market.
Yulong Textile has accumulated a wealth of international trade customers. In recent years, overseas e-commerce sites have been doing well, and they have rich experience in R&D and design capabilities of protective clothing, production response speed and supply chain flexibility. For the first trial of the Zhengzhou Trade Fair, it is undoubtedly a training for enterprises in the domestic market. This time, Yulong Textile is optimistic about the good prospects of the domestic market, taking advantage of the agglomeration of industrial clusters to expand the source of customers, and looking forward to more business connections. Yulong Textile is going smoother and smoother on the road of professional production. By selecting new fabrics and updating technology, it improves production efficiency, and extends to the fields of R&D and design and supply chain management to provide customers with better products and better services.
This month, the second "Canton Fair" also kicked off. A hundred flowers bloomed in China's exhibitions, and the content of "Chinese brands" has been continuously increased. The construction of local independent brands has also ushered in a new round of development opportunities. With the help of the "boosters" of Zhengzhou Fair and Canton Fair, Yulong Textile is running forward and blooming outwards. Let us wait and see.