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Common Fabric in South American Market—220gsm Orange Cotton Flame Retardant Fabrics

220gsm orange cotton flame retardant fabrics

A series of unpredictable dangers such as spontaneous combustion and burning of factory dwellings due to fires abound. In order to protect life and industrial safety, starting from the most fundamental, controlling the source of fire is the top priority. Therefore, flame retardant fabrics stand out and are welcomed by the South American market, especially 220gsm orange cotton flame retardant fabrics.

Generally we think that the cotton flame retardant fabrics are non-combustible in everyone's impression. In fact, the flame retardant fabrics do not catch fire, but rather slows down the burning rate of the clothing fabric, and extinguishes itself immediately after leaving the flame. The burning part of the cotton flame retardant fabrics is quickly carbonized, so that people have time to take off the burning clothes, and evacuate the danger scene at the first time, effectively reduce burns and scalds, and play the most effective protection.

In addition to excellent retardant performance, cotton flame retardant fabrics have good drape, moisture absorption and quick drying, and are non-toxic and odorless. There is no black smoke when burning, no pungent odor, light and wear-resistant, and there are many colors to choose from.

Because the climate of South America is warm and humid, and it is mainly tropical, the average annual temperature exceeds 20℃. Many of our customers in South America often purchase more than 200gsm  cotton flame retardant fabrics. It is precisely because of this flame retardant fabrics weight is light, thin, breathable, environmentally friendly, delicate and soft, non-flammable, non-continuous burning and other characteristics are favored by many manufacturers.

The formaldehyde content of the cotton flame retardant fabrics are very low, and it has no harm to the human body. The work clothes made are simple and elegant, strong and durable, and it is the best choice for protective clothing tooling. Flame retardant fabrics and garments are particularly suitable for use in petroleum, chemical, gas station, metallurgy, power, mechanical repair, welding, coal mine and other industries. The flame retardant fabrics produced by our company comply with American Standards NFPA21112, NFPA701, and European Standards EN ISO11611, EN ISO11612, etc. Cotton flame retardant fabrics are affordable, most versatile, and environmentally friendly products.

The clothing made of cotton flame retardant fabrics have superior performance quality, soft and comfortable wearing, and high color fastness. We have our own production base and clothing workshop, specializing in the production of various functional fabrics and protective clothing, which can be used in various special working environments.

Yulong Textile always puts products first, continuously improves product quality, and has the courage to innovate and develop. It customizes cotton flame retardant fabrics with different colors and weights according to customer needs, and strives to create a first-class functional fabrics garment manufacturing enterprise.