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South American Customer Orders Cotton Flame Retardant Protective Pants

Cotton Flame Retardant Protective Pants

Shortly after the New Year's Day in 2020, Xinxiang Yulong Textile welcomed our new customers to visit the factory and negotiate. The customers came from South America, and the customers wanted to buy a batch of flame retardant protective pants. One month ago, the seller communicated with the customer many times via email, phone, and according to customer needs, the seller recommended gray cotton flame retardant pants for the customer.

The country where the customer is located is warm and moist all year round. Most of the customer's sales fields are in the oil field and the machinery industry; and our gray cotton flame retardant pants use 280 grams of cotton flame retardant fabric, which is flame-retardant, fire-proof, arc-proof, and wear-resistant. The fabric is breathable, soft and comfortable, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and has good color fastness, wear resistance and washing resistance, in line with customer needs, very cost-effective.

Due to the initial cooperation, the customer has a strong purchase intention. In order to learn more about the company's strength and establish a long-term cooperative relationship, they decided to visit and inspect. On the morning of January 6th, our sales manager prepared fruits, snacks, and drinks for the guests early; at 10am, the sales sales manager and the our manager warmly received this guests.

First of all, the salesman introduced some basic information about our company to the customers, and led the customers to visit our production workshop, R & D center, test center, warehouse, etc., so that the customers further understand our R & D strength and production capacity.

Foreign customers have very strict technical requirements for equipment. After the visit, the customers highly evaluated our company, saying that through this visit, they have seen our mature technology and strong strength, and hope to establish long-term cooperation with our company. The general manager of our company also expressed the expectation that both of us will give full play to and cooperate closely in their respective strengths, and push the cooperation to a higher level.

Through in-depth exchanges, Yulong Textile and our customers have increased understanding and friendship, and reached a consensus to further strengthen cooperation. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes more customers to visit and exchange!