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Yulong Textile Starts Production Boom of Flame Retardant Clothing

flame retardant clothing

With the continuous decrease of temperature, the steps of winter have arrived, and this is a good time for the production enterprises of our orders to produce spring and summer flame retardant clothing.

Yulong Textile has nearly 20 years of production experience in finishing flame retardant fabrics, aramid fabrics, and acrylic cotton flame retardant fabrics, and more than five years of production experience in protective clothing. Based on this many years of experience, we can recommend more suitable products according to the specific needs of customers. According to the production cycle of our products, taking into account seasonal changes, we generally arrange the production of spring and summer flame-retardant protective clothing required by customers in autumn and winter. According to different customer needs, from receiving an inquiry to communicating specific details with the customer, to making samples, signing a contract for safe production, and finally delivering the goods to the customer, during this time, we will be based on previous production experience, Make sure the time is right when the protective clothing is delivered to the customer.

Generally speaking, clothing production time must consider many factors. In addition to arranging the production of the clothing factory itself, it is necessary to communicate the specific details of production with the fabric factory and auxiliary materials factory in advance. Therefore, a batch of protective clothing must be signed with the customer. It usually takes a month or two to complete the delivery of the contract to the end. This does not include the time to communicate specific clothing details in the early stage. Each batch of our flame retardant clothing production has experienced long communication and waiting. During this period, the communication between the salesman and the customer becomes particularly important. From the early details communication to the progress communication in production, to the final delivery follow-up, and follow-up after the completion of the order, each step requires business. Staff has professional product knowledge and flexible communication methods. We require that in addition to ensuring that the product quality and production delivery date fully meet customer requirements for each order, we also require that salespeople and customers communicate carefully and thoughtfully. And this month, we started to produce 5,000 spring flame retardant clothing in accordance with such requirements in an orderly manner.

Since the cold winter, the enthusiasm of production in our factory has not diminished. We believe that as long as we think what our customers want and what they need, we can give customers more thoughtful considerations while guaranteeing the quality of our products, so that customers can not only rely on the various types of protective fabrics and protective clothing we produce. Quality chooses us; let customers choose us because of our meticulous and thoughtful communication services. We believe that no matter how cold the winter is, as long as we adhere to this concept, our business scope will become wider and wider, and our sales volume will continue to grow.

flame retardant clothing