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Middle East Clients Order the Aramid Flame Resistant Fabric

Aramid Flame Resistant Fabric

Aramid flame resistant fabric has many features, such as it has the permanent flame retardant function, safety and environmental protection without stimulation, soft, light but strong, so it is always our main products of Yulong Textile. This week our Middle East order 3000 meters Aramid flame resistant fabric.

The Middle East area is always in the state of drought and lack of rain, and has rich petroleum, natural gas and other mineral resources. The mine workers in this area need to wear the higher safe factor and light protective clothing. The protective clothing made by Aramid flame resistant fabric fully conforms to the above functions.

In the process of communication with our customers, our salesmen have learned that customers have purchased flame retardant fabrics several times before, and because the requirements of flame resistant fabrics are getting higher and higher in the whole market environment in recent years, not only the fabrics are required to have good resistance. Fueling performance requires green safety. Although the price of aramid flame resistant fabrics is higher than other types of finishing flame resistant fabrics, the purchase of aramid flame resistant fabrics and acrylic wool flame resistant fabrics is still increasing year by year.

The Aramid flame resistant fabric produced by our company is made of 93% Meta-aramid, 5% Para-aramid and 2% carbon fiber. This type fabric has good high temperature performance, flame resistance , anti static performance and mechanical property. It also has such features, light, soft feeling and high strength. It can reach the European Standard EN ISO11612, IEC 61482-1-2 and EN 1149-3, and it can also reach Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 2.

The customer said that the reason why they finally chose us is that our long time produced Aramid flame resistant fabric has excellent quality, with stable delivery time and moderate price. In addition, our specialty of products and seriousness in customer service is also the reason to impress our customers.

Now, we have arranged production of this order. The following products quality testing will be operated systematically. This is our first cooperation with this client. We believe we will make a long cooperation relationship by this Aramid flame resistant fabric order. We will also take long-term cooperation with our customers, because we believe that our products will provide the real protection functions for customers' end users.