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North American Customer Order 5000 Meters 10oz Satin Cotton/Nylon Flame Retardant Fabric

10oz Cotton/Nylon Flame Retardant Satin Fabric

Just after the Mid-Autumn Festival, our salesman received a North American order about flame retardant fabric. The customer has clear requirement, he needs a 5000 meters 10 oz royal blue 88/12 cotton/nylon flame retardant fabric, and the fabric needs to meet NFPA 2112 standard. The North American market has always been one of the key markets for flame retardant fabric, and most of our customers are distributors. This customer has many years of purchasing experience, he knows much more about various flame retardant fabric specification and related flame retardant standards.

Based on our many years of sales experience, North America is more inclined to purchase cotton/nylon flame retardant fabrics, which are generally weaved by 88% cotton fiber and 12% high strength nylon fiber. This blended fabric has high resistance, grinding, high strength, breathable and moisture permeable, quick drying and easy to wash, etc., Satin fabric has the characteristics of tight texture, soft hand feeling and smooth surface performance. After the flame retardant treatment, the cotton brocade fabric has good flame retardant properties, can effectively prevent sparks and metal droplets from splashing, it has higher ATPV value and better thermal protection performance, compared with other cotton fabric, it has higher strength. compared with polyester/cotton fabric, it has better abrasive resistance, so the cotton/nylon flame retardant fabric belongs to the higher flame retardant finishing flame retardant fabric.

In the communication between our salesman and the customer, felt that the customer is very familiar with the market conditions of the cotton/nylon flame retardant satin fabric, more important is the fabric quality, therefore, we are required that the fabric must be met the NFPA2112 standard requirement. We all know that as long as the flame retardant fabric can meet NFPA2112 standard, it can simultaneously meet the flame retardant standards of EN11612, EN470, EN531, EN533 etc. In the process of producing flame retardant fabric, We Yulong Textile carried out multiple inspection steps such as initial inspection, sampling inspection and finished product inspection, it can comprehensively test whether the products can be tested by detecting the quality of the fabric, dyeing quality, flame retardant performance and fabric strength. At the same time, under the premise of the customer's need, the product can be sent to the third-party testing organization for testing, and finally we can make sure that the products delivered to the customer's hand is high quality flame retardant fabric can meets all the customer's needs.

After knowing that we have a complete quality inspection process and strict quality control, the customer signed this order with us, and our production department also arranged the production depends on the delivery time on the contract. At the same time, the customer also said that they will come to our fabric factory for inspection after finish the production.

We Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and has many years of production experience in flame retardant fabric. We are good at producing cotton flame retardant fabric, CVC flame retardant fabric, cotton/nylon flame retardant fabric and other finishing flame retardant fabric as well as aramid fabrics and modacrylic fabric. The flame retardant fabric we produced can reach EN11611, EN11612, EN14116, NFPA2112 and other European and American related standards.

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