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Customer from Southeast Asia Ordered 5000 Pairs of Casual Work Pants

This week, a customer from Southeast Asia came to our clothing factory, and placed an order of 5000 pairs of casual work pants on the spot. We realized that this customer wanted to purchase a batch of work pants for the local workers in manufacturing industry. In consideration of Southeast Asia is located in the tropics, with the high temperature and rain all the year round, and the local manufacturing industry is mainly labor-intensive light textile industry and assembly industry, our sales recommended a popular and simple design casual work pants for this customer.

The casual work pants recommended by us is made of TC fabric, this fabric has the advantages of cotton and polyester, and the characteristics of high strength and good elasticity. Because the wearers do not ask for much of the functions of pants, so we recommended this simple design casual work pants, this kind of work pants usually has two slant pockets and one back pocket. Simple style and common function decide the low price of this pants, and it is one important reason why customer quickly placed this order.

We know that when general customers purchase in large quantities, except the rigid requirements, the price is the key factor. Aim at the customers who have no special requirements for the style and the functions, we adopt the strategy of high order quantity and low price. Because our clothing factory has the stable production capacity, which ensures the clothing produced by us has lower price as long as the quantity of clothing purchased by customer is high enough.

During the field visit in our clothing factory, from the automatic cutting machine, to the sewing machine, sergers, embedment, bartacking machine, needle detector, then to the packaging, what customers see is not only the advanced production equipment, but also the skilled operation of workers. In the workshop, we arrange testing staffs to inspect the thickness of thread, the size of the needle, needle pitch, single stitch, double stitch, triple stitch, eyelet,fell seam and thread etc. seriously. We told this customer that in order to ensure the quality, we will inspect the fabrics and accessories before the production of workwear. After making the workwear, the professional quality inspectors will be arranged to test the firmness of workwear. We will do final random inspection according to AQL2.5 before delivery, so that we can ensure that every batch of the workwear will be 100% qualified. All of these increase the recognition and satisfaction of customer to us.

At present, our sales is following up with the customer, and the order of this customer is under the productions in orderly way, it is expected to deliver the pants to the customer next month. The customer also made it clear that he would establish a long-term cooperative relationship with our company.