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The Darling of Fog – Cotton Fluorescent Waterproof Fabric

The working principle of fluorescent fabrics is actually a phenomenon of photoluminescence. Refers to the fact that when the light source shines on the surface of the fluorescent fabric in the dark, the fluorescent fabric absorbs the energy that is consistent with the characteristic frequency of the light source and reflects it in the excited state; therefore, people can identify it very well in a dark and complex environment. Therefore, fluorescent fabrics are often used in outdoor work such as transportation, road maintenance, and outdoor cleaning. With the development of society, a single fluorescent fabric has failed to meet people's needs; in order to provide guests with a better protection experience, our Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. after years of research has now launched a flame-retardant fluorescent fabric, fluorescent waterproof fabric , fluorescent anti-static fabrics and other functional composite fabrics.

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. produced a cotton fluorescent waterproof fabric, using combed long-staple cotton fabric, good wear resistance, extensibility and tear resistance increased the life of the fabric itself; after the unique dying process of Yulong Textile, the fluorescent fabric has good color fastness to washing and fastness in the sun; the cotton waterproof fabric after the nano waterproof treatment finally has very good fluorescence fastness while also have very good waterproof function, these two function will not effect each other, thereby to reach the maximum efficiency.

What is to be said today is a guest from Western Europe. This guest is engaged in road maintenance work. His area has been threatened by heavy fog for a long time. Therefore, fluorescent protective clothing has become the main barrier to ensure their safety. Because the area belongs to a temperate maritime climate, the rainy weather makes it impossible for only a single function of fluorescent protective clothing to meet their needs; After a variety of investigation, the guest was attracted by the cotton fluorescent waterproof fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. , and decided to bulk purchase our cotton waterproof fabric.

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