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North American Customer Repeat Order Aramid Coverall

North American customer repeat order aramid coverall

The aramid coverall produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd once again won the favor of the guest. Our Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. Ushered the first large amount of return orders in this month. This customer had ordered high quality aramid flame retardant fabric in the beginning of this year. After learning that Yulong is a one-stop fabric/clothing production and processing model, it immediately came to our factory in mid-April, during the visit,he has a great deal of interest in our garment factories and tooling protection products. In many conversations with him, the customer decided to order large quantities of aramid coverall.

We all know that North American guests advocate the concept of comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly life. Therefore, they have very strict requirements on the touch and environmental protection of products. The aramid IIIA fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., made of 93% aramid 1313 and 5% aramid 1414 plus 2% carbon fiber, and this aramid coverall has a comfortable and soft hand feeling , light and breathable property. In addition to good flame retardant properties, it also has good antistatic properties. The garment designers in our garment factory have many years of experience in tooling design and pattern making. They can improve the aramid coverall style based on the service environment and the clients requirements. The new aramid coverall not only have the basic property, but also remove the unreasonable design and reduce the cost to a minimum, and at the same time ensured the maximum use rate of it.

In this way, we have won the favor of North American customer with high quality products and reasonable prices, which makes the aramid coverall restore the repeat order throne o f this season.

North American customer repeat order aramid coverall